Through our intern program, we are able to offer full length therapy sessions at little or no cost. Learn more below!


Meet The Interns

Kristen Erickson, MA/LLPC Track Intern
Kristen Erickson, MA/LLPC Track Intern

Kristen Erickson, MA/LLPC Track Intern

I am currently both an educator and a masters student working on my Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling degree at Wayne State University. After 19+ years educating adolescents and teens, I have a dedication to improving the lives of young people through counseling. I provide individual counseling services to adolescents, teenagers and adults in the areas of anxiety, depression and grief in our Livonia office.


Mental Health Services

Many people are often unable to obtain mental health services due to lack of insurance and high out of pocket cost.

At The On Earth Counseling Project, it's important to us that everyone has access to mental health services. Through our intern program, we are able to make this a reality and offer little to no cost therapy sessions. These are full length, hour long sessions that will help get you or your loved one to a better mental state. Learn more about our process and our interns below, then click to schedule an intake and get started!


How It Works

Step 1
Take The First Step

While the idea of therapy may be scary or overwhelming for many people, it can also be a life changing decision. Most people benefit greatly by simply talking to a therapist on a regular basis. With cost out of the equation, there's a lot less to worry about. The first step is deciding to move forward.

Step 2
Scheduling Your Intake Session

The next step is to submit an intake request form at the bottom of this page. After submission, someone from our office will reach out to you within 24 hours to set up your first session. For more information on what to expect during this session, click here.

Step 3
The Intake Session

During your intake session, your therapist will ask you questions on your background, medical history, issues you are currently experiencing, and a number of other topics. These questions will help them to create a treatment plan. This is essentially a roadmap designed specifically for you, to help guide you down the path to better mental health!

Step 4
Following The Roadmap

After the intake session and your therapist has developed a treatment plan for you, they will work with you to create a schedule going forward. Each session the therapist will work with you to develop goals, discuss coping mechanisms (if applicable), and help you to understand and work through the issues and feelings you are experiencing. As you feel your mental health becoming stronger, sessions may decrease in frequency until you feel like you no longer need them. Whether that happens or not, we are with you every step of the way on this journey!


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Looking to make a difference in people's lives?

Join our intern team! We are always looking for driven, passionate individuals looking to make a difference in people's lives.

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