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What to Expect at The On Earth Counseling Project

Justin Work

February 13, 2020


Thank you for considering The On Earth Counseling Project as your clinic of choice when seeking out mental health and wellness services. Going to therapy and accepting help from a licensed counselor can feel challenging. Furthermore, a commitment to bettering yourself takes strength and determination. We not only strive to acknowledge these truths but honor them through dedicated and personalized counseling sessions. Our philosophy for therapy is that the mind-body connection must be healthy in order to facilitate strong and lasting change. That is why our clinic offers a holistic approach to therapy that is unique and backed by research.




characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.


characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

One of our goals at our clinic is to truly reflect the meaning of holistic through our comprehensive counseling and therapy services.

What You Can Expect When Seeing Our Clinicians/Counselors

  • Safety

    A focus on establishing a safe and comfortable environment where clients are understood and respected.

  • Support and Advocacy

    Our relationship with the client is the foundation of our therapeutic approach. We build connections with clients that reassure their value and potential.

  • Knowledge and Education

    Our counselors come from diverse and experienced backgrounds. Our goal is to use our expertise not only to help the client, but to teach them as well. We believe in providing client the tools of change; whether they are in session with us or out in the world.

  • Comprehensive Treatment Planning

    We always aim to provide a plan for treatment that is contoured to the client’s specific needs. Every client has a unique situation that requires specific attention. We work with the client to formulate treatment goals that will be most effective given their circumstances. We also design our treatment with long-term success in mind. We know we’ve done our job when the client is not only confident in themselves, but also in the future that lies ahead of them

  • Helpful Referrals

    Above all else, we believe in doing what’s best for the client. In some cases, that may include connecting the client with outside resources and professionals that can help improve the client’s experience and well-being.

What You Can Expect When Seeing Our Dietitian

  • Addressing Underlying Issues

    One’s relationship with food and potential issues that arise are often a product of other factors that exist in multiple areas of life. Addressing these areas together can help give clients a better understanding of risk factors, comorbidities, and triggers that may affect progress with one’s nutrition.

  • Nutritional Education and Counseling

    Help clients with the everyday choices that food and eating present. We often find that clients feel somewhat helpless when unaware of alternatives. This can leave one feeling restricted in making choices and can lead to a monotonous diet, and/or key nutrients being overlooked when feeling like one only has a few choices. With help from our dietitian client can expect to learn a wide array of dietary choices, techniques, and skills to improve their eating habits.

  • Lifestyle Change, Not a Diet

    The key to lasting health and results. Our dietitian’s goal is to work with the client and change the way the client views their relationships with food. We are human and to survive we must put in energy in the form of food. But what we chose to nourish our bodies with is one part of the many paths to wellness. A lifestyle change can sound overwhelming, but taking this long-term approach and keeping health in mind allows the client and the Dietitian to focus the mind during sessions while avoiding pitfalls of fad dieting and quick-fixes

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